Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dearest Rag Readers,

FINAL STAGE! We are picking up hard copies of our zine today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of our and our contribuotrs hard work will be shown, so come out, dress up and dance Saturday at the Bike Stop in Philadelphia (quince st. between walnut&locust, and between 11th&12th) The zines will be distro'd there for donations and also pyschic carmen cumrag will be doing a little tarot readin in between her long island iced tea's. Plus Atom&n!ck of atomason!ck will be dj-ing for a bit too!

Wear fun outfits, get sloppy, make out, get yr dick sucked


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cock Tease

Hey just wanted to give ya'll a little update. We have been working our fingers down to the bone. Cumrag is coming along and we are in the finishing stages of putting her all together. If you have anything that you want to submit send it today. Also-

We made these flyers for FINGERBANGER. You can look for them all over the city, the first person who tells me how many they find gets a little surprise from yours truely.