Monday, October 5, 2009

horn ballin

the seasons are changing and so are my vices. summer was fun and full of drunken stoopers, but fall is here and its time for some down right dank fellatio.

give it, get it. self suck, bud suck, circle suck w/e. so by winter i'll be an expert cock inhaler and santa will reward me.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show me your pussy.

So you know how cats have that vibrating box in their throats? Ya know the one that expels purring when they get all excited?!

Wouldn't it be just amazing to meet a man.
A man with a vibrating throat....?

I thought of this, this evening while sitting on my couch drinking whiskey and cuddling with the cat.

Just a thought...

I made a man with eyes of coal and a smile so bewitchin'. How was I supposed to know that my mom was dead in the kitchen?

The bewitchin season is upon us children.
October 1st is here. It sure as hell is gonna be queer.

Just imagine.... In 3o more days the city streets will be littered with Cum, Glitter and Wigs everywhere! Or at least thats what SOME of us may hope for. Really though... Halloween is quite the magical time. You can be who EVER you want.

If you want to be a slutty nun. be a slutty nun...

If you want to be a fire man. be a fire man...


Its like being a child all over again with hopes and dreams! Except minus all the being locked in the hallway closet by your alcoholic grandmother and having grandpa put his cigars out on your forearms...

anyway... Start plannin them costumes! Our Finger-Banger of the month is going to be INSANNNNE! Just you wait.

Hearts n Farts!

OH. P.S- We promise, the fall issue of the zine is coming REALLL soon. We're working on piecing her together. We had a LONNNG party summer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


You're so goth you shit bats. So be there.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wHaT tO Do WiTh mY dAy...

clients don't show up for their appointments,

on a lunch break, my bath house schedule got pushed back due to a presentation.

I got this email from my boss today that ended with this "So you have reign over that bathhouse."

What's a girl to do but dream

***Le SiGh***

Friday, August 21, 2009

Alex and Seth's 50th birthday

Our monthly party at Philly's leather bar the Bike Stop this month was in honor of the birth of alex and seth. In true Leo style these bitches did it their way and threw a 90's gala of clueless vs. nowhere. Photos by the amazing Logan White and Liz Rywelski


Who Was this hottie with amazing bone structure??

OUR BFF! He comes to every party!!!!



Gregg Araki NERD

Always a staple of our party

SUSAN !!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


i was at the train station and some kid comes up to me and asks :

"hey boy. you got some black in you?"

and i said "no."

then he said "do you want some?"

i didnt understand what he meant until i got home.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

whats a boy to do...

So one of us recently lost our jobs this past week. Which leaves lots of extra free time to do Cum Rag work. However distractions sure do get in the way....

The guy I was regularly sleeping with also happen to meet someone ( same weekend as getting laid off, Quite the weekend, right?! ) So it leaves me to Jerking off a ton more. I've got all this free time on my hands so im just looking at tons of Vintage beefcake physique photos, Dirty Bruce Labruce screen shots ( that always get me hard ) among hours of the cheap dvd's I recently bought.

Maybe its time to get my hand off my dick, and start working on updating my resume...

In other news.

We made a Flickr Account. Check out all the photos from the Christmas in July party...


Things have gotten a bit pushed back with the next issue of the zine but we're working on her and may have a much better/fun/appropriate release space/event come September... We promise its going to be worth your wait....

In the mean time prepare your selves for the madness that is going to be Cumrag Alex and Cumrag Seth's Birthday Bash at the Bike Stop in August.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Join us on Face Book

We now have a group page for our Finger Banger Party.

Join the group on Face-Book.

Our Christmas in July party last weekend was a HUGE success!
Def our best turn out yet. You couldn't move for hours inside that bar.
Santa was a filthy fucking mess...We couldn't have asked for more.

Photos soon to come!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its that time of the month again! ( No, not THATTTT time of the month )

On the First night of Christmas my true love gave to me... A buttplug in a pear tree.

Fingerbanger's 4th installment of our monthly party! Again at the BikeStop! FREE!!!!! $2 PBR Pounders.
Come get your photo taken on Santa's lap while he hands out goodies to all of those who've been naughty this summer.

The Cum Rag boys will be spinnin all night. Disco hour will be had. Special Guest DJ...

Wear your Gaudiest Christmas sweater ( sweaters in July are a GREAT idea! ) Sluttiest Elf costume or what ever the hell you can whip up in the taste of red, green and awesome...All while dancing to an assortment of '77, 80's punk, 90's Alt, 90's Rap, Disco, electro, Selena, whatever we feel like playing

Have you been Naughty or Nice?
Dont make us ask twice...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

OK, Is this like a noxima commercial or what?!

So last night. Fingerbanger's Weedceanera was a huge success.
My next statement is going to be pretty fucking gay, but lets be real, You are what you eat. ( and that's cock )

Myself and one of the other Cum-rag boys were cruising on the dance floor. Sweaty bodies on top of each other, people drunk and stoned out of their minds everywhere. We both took a huge hit of poppers, closed our eyes.. and Madonna's "Like a Prayer" came on. As we dipped down, hands in the air feeling the music, it hit me and I had a bit of an epiphany. I felt like I was in the middle of a punk rock episode of Queer As Folk.

Not to sound cocky ( well what ever, I'm going to be ) but this city of Brotherly Faggoty Love, fucking needs us. We're doing something Philadelphia has lacked for years. We're going to be huge one day.

Watch out Philthy.
Here we cum...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Our 3rd installment of our Monthly Finger Banger party!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The other day I was standing outside my door on the street corner waiting for my dear friend the 57 bus to come scoop me up, when all of the sudden, this giant white SUV jam packed with 18 year old south philly boys pulls up beside me at a red light. I didnt even really notice or pay attention to it at the time. The light turns green and I hear the word FAGGOTS screamed out of the car. I turn to look and I see them speeding away in their get-away vehicle. " Wow! They're so cool!" I thought. You would think people would at least try and be creative when trying to yell shit at someone on the street. If you're going to yell something, make it fucking funny so I can laugh too. I was just glad to be the highlight of their day, and their joyride through the streets of south philly in dad's Navigator.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dirty Text Messages?

So we've all done it. We all ENJOY it. One of my favorite things is sitting through a long day of work and getting/sending dirty text messages and just looking at all the people around me, thinking, They have NO idea what I'm doing right now, which is what makes it that much more awesome.

Anyway...its not even 12pm and I'm sitting at work and receive the following which I thought I'd share.

Male specimen: I had this dream last night where you had a monster cock: Bigger than a brick and probably twice as hard.

Me: haha My god. Thank you for that. This is the perfect way to start my day.

Male specimen: Glad my subconscious could help. You shoula seen the head on it. like a big hateful purple hamburger bun.

me: Ew. haha

Male specimen: Did I just gross you out? I never would've guessed you were gross-out-able.

Me: It Probably only grossed me out because of what I ACTUALLY pictured in my head. I think I imagined a blown out asshole that was fist punched a bit too much. That in fact is one thing that can gross me out just a bit...

Male specimen: Agreed. Better to meditate on the phallus than on the destruction it can wreak.

So I'll leave you with that. Next time your bored at work, let your mind wander. Send someone a dirty message about how hard you are or go into the office bathroom and tug one out.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

FInger Banger II


bring all your favorite fags and hags, mo's or bros. lets get this shit done right. fun times for everyone!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's been a while

So it has been a while since we have updated our dear blog. We took a break for a few weeks to lets our minds and now we are ready for round two. Meetings have taken place, with new ideas, adding a new editor, and you can wait with anticipation for the summer issue just like you anticipate that little cousin of yours to finally burst out of the closet kicking and screaming with dildos in hand. If you would like to contribute stories, art, visual anything, articles, love, roofies, let us know!

Also- prepare to do the Purity Dance Saturday 5/30!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


tonight we release CUMRAG in nyc!!!!!

so if your around the area come here and dance with us.

we promise, we will start updating regularly soon!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dearest Rag Readers,

FINAL STAGE! We are picking up hard copies of our zine today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of our and our contribuotrs hard work will be shown, so come out, dress up and dance Saturday at the Bike Stop in Philadelphia (quince st. between walnut&locust, and between 11th&12th) The zines will be distro'd there for donations and also pyschic carmen cumrag will be doing a little tarot readin in between her long island iced tea's. Plus Atom&n!ck of atomason!ck will be dj-ing for a bit too!

Wear fun outfits, get sloppy, make out, get yr dick sucked


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cock Tease

Hey just wanted to give ya'll a little update. We have been working our fingers down to the bone. Cumrag is coming along and we are in the finishing stages of putting her all together. If you have anything that you want to submit send it today. Also-

We made these flyers for FINGERBANGER. You can look for them all over the city, the first person who tells me how many they find gets a little surprise from yours truely.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lunch Time

As I am on my lunch break chasing around my ceasar salad around with my fork, my mind begins to wander. I look at the tart white salad dressing and it makes me think about something else that is white: cum. It reminds me of my love of the man juice, what it feels like to have a mouth so full of it you cant keep it in and let it drool down your chin. Its been a while since a boy has busted his nut in my mouth. Are there different flavors to cum? Some of the cum I've tasted has been salty, some on the sweeter side. I've never gotten enough chance to really savor the flavor before I just take a big gulp and down it goes. Someone once told me that my cum was sweet, I think its because I'm a vegetarian. Does anyone have any tips on altering the taste of cum? Can I have a bunch of guys cum in my mouth at the same time so I can mix the different flavors like a surpee at 7-11? I want to have a variety, maybe 31 flavors. Just like Baskin Robbins.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So moving from San Francisco to Philadelphia I get asked a lot why I did it, and I have my reasons such as I actually wanted to move to NYC but got an amazing job in Philly, but everytime someone asks me about SF I can't help think of the glory days of San Francisco a simpler and more wild time.

So in no particular order I decided to compile some of my favorite memories, that I can remember at least...all from the TENDERLOIN/Nob Hill

- My 20th birthday party, I went with a bunch of friends to Deco Lounge in the TL, the whole night super coked out I kept complaining to old men how I felt old and was depressed, then they would ask me "How old are you turning today" and I would sigh and reply "twenty." I had fun with it but the best part was a birthday blow job I got in the basement later that night

- When I lived in Nob Hill, while walking home on a MONDAY night no later than 9 PM, I walked past a first level apartment with the window cracked open and the blinds pulled up just enough so my ex and I could see in, Thank God to our surprise it was a group of about 10 hipsters sitting around doing coke BLASTING The Cranberries, just enjoying life, we were so tempted to knock on the door but instead ended up in bed watching Chelsea Latley.

- While still 20 one night I got asked to sit in for the door guy at my roommate's Tuesday night party in the TL, free drinks, flirting with straight men by drawing peen on their hands and I let in every cute underage boy that came my way, including my 17 year old crush. Plus I made like 20 bucks and bought some valium with it.

- Days before my 21st after being up all night at various parties on a Sunday Night, we ended up at the Gold Dust Lounge at its opening hours at 7 in the morning already out of our minds for some breakfast mimosas, this guy kept telling me all night how much he liked me which turned me off then told me he was waiting for me to break up with my boyfriend so he could get with me, disgusted, I took another boy to the bathroom made out took out his cock and gave him a half of handjob before i got thirsty again, got another mimosa then trekked home with my then semi roommate. Stumbling out trashed we were lucky enough to catch the passing by cable car with all the tourist staring at us at 8 am, we proceeded home only the entire 8 blocks only to stop for more champagne and a cartridge of nitros.

SOOOO much more to tell, champagne fountains, dolores days, geary club, the phonebooth, la rondalla, radio habana, booze cruises...I don't even know where to start but I guess those were some of the freshest memories still lingering.

basically....STEP IT UP PHILADELPHIA!!!! I miss you SF!

midget cum is in

i had a dream that i was watching the wizard of oz in real life. except all the characters were midgets (a.k.a small ass people). They were all running around like cute little mice, then the next thing i knew i was in the back room getting all this cum poured down my throat. very strange, but sort of hot. they all had REAL SIZED thingys, too crazy.


Monday, March 23, 2009


So the deadline for submissions draws near, and then CUM RAG enters phase 2! Editing! Probably not nearly as fun as phase one with the naked straight men, champagne interviews, meeting tons of new people, but we want this to be quality and fun for us and everyone else. We are cutting things close but have to make sure each submission is as hot and thick as then next. But things are coming along, thanks to everyone who reads so far and has given us positive feedback it really helps us when times are hard.

A little update...
-good pictures of scantily clad straight men
-interviews with some amazing bands
-submissions are well on their way from the land of Brooklyn's from an inspiration ally hot zine writer, our tall drink of whiskey fiction editor will blow yr mind with a short piece he wrote, some adorable skinny fags from our own Philadelphia and from the land down under from a sexy incredible Vegemite eating film maker!!
-Our own Cum Rag editors throwing in our 2 cents where ever we feel
-Some bleach blond drag queen astrologer to the stars will answer all your occult needs
and i'm sure im forgetting something amazing

but we been doing our best to keep this updated and work hard.

April 18th at the bike stop we will release the final copy of her. so wear you're best witch wear or nothing but a toe ring and a smile and get trashed, celebrate America and freedom kiss us. We also MIGHT release her at a party in NYC...

But before then come check us out at the dive in south philly every 3rd thursday, playing 80's punk/riot grrrl/77/electro/disco/grunge/whatever else as we get drunk

We will also be dj-ing Pi Lam's human bbq on April 4th, come get wasted and suck a college dick!

MORE UPDATES and previews SOON!!! Hopefully flyers too!
love ya bitch
Xavier, Kevin and Alex

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Fag Icon

...Hazel...from the magic bullet

what fag doesn't love a crazy haired, chain smoking, cat eye glasses wearing, old wench?...infact, reminds me of some of my closest girlfriends...

She is also a slut but embraces it...BTW I REALLY DO WANT A MAGIC BULLET

come to the dive tonight...Cumrag Boys will be dj-ing...what dj name do you think is better...Uncle Bano or Dj Powerbottom?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009




Spring Fever

Looking at my work calendar today I noticed that spring is only a mere two days away. Spring is definitely in the air with all the other things it comes with, like fucking. Soon all the people and animals in this city will be busy getting their fuck on. I can smell people wetting their underwear already. This also makes me think of the endless possibilities of discreet craigslist style fucking in Rittenhouse Park this season. Dont sit on any sticky benches. A friend also gave me a lead this weekend that there is a man who hides in the bushes around the art museum area, jerks off, then runs after the joggers to bust his nut all over them. I think I'm gonna hang out there to try to seek him out. When I find him he wont have to chase me very far, I'll just get on my knees and tell him the bulls-eye is right across my left cheek.

Friday, March 13, 2009


The trains in philly are really shitty and i always have to take a train and a bus to get home. The busses don't suck that much.

I tried to get change and the dude behind the glass pointed at a sign that said "Exact Fare Only." Luckily the train had arrived with perfect timing, and i hopped that shit and ran in, giving the SEPTA clerk a big fuck you.

i sat down, feeling sort of out of my mind and still halfway drunk from the night before. Across the train was a late 20s something business man eating a hot dog. He was hot, great jawline blue eyes. I replaced the hot dog with a mental image of a throbbing dick. Imagining him really enjoying this raging boner in between two buns, topped with "mancraut", instead of the sour kind. Poor guy had no clue that somebody was getting off to him having a quick bite to eat.

Do i look that hot when i'm eating a hot dog? do older men walking passed me feel their meaty gristle throb while i enjoy this fine german treasure? do they imagine me eating more than one at a time, or perhaps they want me to feed them these delicious sausages through a hole in the library bathroom...

i hop off the train and walk across the street to put these questions to the test. I pay 1.25 for a medium sized hot dog. ketchup, mustard, extra mayo. I walk towards the bus stop and go to town on this meat treat. Taking little bites, and inconspicuously eye fucking every passer byer. Men, women and children.Absolutely no living creature is safe for these next twelve minutes. This is the longest its ever taken me to eat one of these. Sitting down at the stop, i noticed a dude staring. He probably still lives at his moms house and has her bleach out the shit tracks from his over sized underwear hes had since he was 15. Not hot. I want to tell him that while he watches me eat my hot dog, my loins are crying.

Instead i looked down and noticed all the extra mayo had dripped down my shirt and onto my black jeans. The extra mayo that for all intended purposes was supposed to emulate wads of cum. Fuck this. I didn't feel sexxy anymore, and i didn't think anyone was fantasizing about how many hot dogs i could fit in my mouth without trying either. The bus gets there, so i get on and head the fuck home.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

my boyfriend

Hey fags! Wanna have a good night?

Then smash those flirtinis on the ground and throw that cosmopolitan in the air.
Walk to your nearest corner beer store, hand them $2 and pick up a Hurricane.

Baby boy Hurricane is my main squeeze, and seduces me every time.
He keeps me warm during these cold winter months.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

gg allin and the aids brigade

who the fuck doesn't get hard at the thought of gg allin?

Zine Update

The production of CumRagManifesto-the zine, is under way and so far so good! As some of you know, we asked a couple and then some of our favorite straights to do a little art with us for the hard version of the zine. This is a sneak peak of what you guys will be seeing.




Next week we shoot hardcore hunk, Brendy.

Faggy Fag Faggot stuff

These are some pictures I took with a disposable camera one night at a happy hour event


Hot mystery fag and some hoodrat

Baby Girl Xavier is a fag who plays beer pong

This is said hoodrat from above who I love dearly and might as well be a fag since she hangs around so many

This is Philadelphia Art and it makes me appreciate this city...sometimes