Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dirty Text Messages?

So we've all done it. We all ENJOY it. One of my favorite things is sitting through a long day of work and getting/sending dirty text messages and just looking at all the people around me, thinking, They have NO idea what I'm doing right now, which is what makes it that much more awesome.

Anyway...its not even 12pm and I'm sitting at work and receive the following which I thought I'd share.

Male specimen: I had this dream last night where you had a monster cock: Bigger than a brick and probably twice as hard.

Me: haha My god. Thank you for that. This is the perfect way to start my day.

Male specimen: Glad my subconscious could help. You shoula seen the head on it. like a big hateful purple hamburger bun.

me: Ew. haha

Male specimen: Did I just gross you out? I never would've guessed you were gross-out-able.

Me: It Probably only grossed me out because of what I ACTUALLY pictured in my head. I think I imagined a blown out asshole that was fist punched a bit too much. That in fact is one thing that can gross me out just a bit...

Male specimen: Agreed. Better to meditate on the phallus than on the destruction it can wreak.

So I'll leave you with that. Next time your bored at work, let your mind wander. Send someone a dirty message about how hard you are or go into the office bathroom and tug one out.


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