Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The other day I was standing outside my door on the street corner waiting for my dear friend the 57 bus to come scoop me up, when all of the sudden, this giant white SUV jam packed with 18 year old south philly boys pulls up beside me at a red light. I didnt even really notice or pay attention to it at the time. The light turns green and I hear the word FAGGOTS screamed out of the car. I turn to look and I see them speeding away in their get-away vehicle. " Wow! They're so cool!" I thought. You would think people would at least try and be creative when trying to yell shit at someone on the street. If you're going to yell something, make it fucking funny so I can laugh too. I was just glad to be the highlight of their day, and their joyride through the streets of south philly in dad's Navigator.

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