Monday, March 23, 2009


So the deadline for submissions draws near, and then CUM RAG enters phase 2! Editing! Probably not nearly as fun as phase one with the naked straight men, champagne interviews, meeting tons of new people, but we want this to be quality and fun for us and everyone else. We are cutting things close but have to make sure each submission is as hot and thick as then next. But things are coming along, thanks to everyone who reads so far and has given us positive feedback it really helps us when times are hard.

A little update...
-good pictures of scantily clad straight men
-interviews with some amazing bands
-submissions are well on their way from the land of Brooklyn's from an inspiration ally hot zine writer, our tall drink of whiskey fiction editor will blow yr mind with a short piece he wrote, some adorable skinny fags from our own Philadelphia and from the land down under from a sexy incredible Vegemite eating film maker!!
-Our own Cum Rag editors throwing in our 2 cents where ever we feel
-Some bleach blond drag queen astrologer to the stars will answer all your occult needs
and i'm sure im forgetting something amazing

but we been doing our best to keep this updated and work hard.

April 18th at the bike stop we will release the final copy of her. so wear you're best witch wear or nothing but a toe ring and a smile and get trashed, celebrate America and freedom kiss us. We also MIGHT release her at a party in NYC...

But before then come check us out at the dive in south philly every 3rd thursday, playing 80's punk/riot grrrl/77/electro/disco/grunge/whatever else as we get drunk

We will also be dj-ing Pi Lam's human bbq on April 4th, come get wasted and suck a college dick!

MORE UPDATES and previews SOON!!! Hopefully flyers too!
love ya bitch
Xavier, Kevin and Alex

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