Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So moving from San Francisco to Philadelphia I get asked a lot why I did it, and I have my reasons such as I actually wanted to move to NYC but got an amazing job in Philly, but everytime someone asks me about SF I can't help think of the glory days of San Francisco a simpler and more wild time.

So in no particular order I decided to compile some of my favorite memories, that I can remember at least...all from the TENDERLOIN/Nob Hill

- My 20th birthday party, I went with a bunch of friends to Deco Lounge in the TL, the whole night super coked out I kept complaining to old men how I felt old and was depressed, then they would ask me "How old are you turning today" and I would sigh and reply "twenty." I had fun with it but the best part was a birthday blow job I got in the basement later that night

- When I lived in Nob Hill, while walking home on a MONDAY night no later than 9 PM, I walked past a first level apartment with the window cracked open and the blinds pulled up just enough so my ex and I could see in, Thank God to our surprise it was a group of about 10 hipsters sitting around doing coke BLASTING The Cranberries, just enjoying life, we were so tempted to knock on the door but instead ended up in bed watching Chelsea Latley.

- While still 20 one night I got asked to sit in for the door guy at my roommate's Tuesday night party in the TL, free drinks, flirting with straight men by drawing peen on their hands and I let in every cute underage boy that came my way, including my 17 year old crush. Plus I made like 20 bucks and bought some valium with it.

- Days before my 21st after being up all night at various parties on a Sunday Night, we ended up at the Gold Dust Lounge at its opening hours at 7 in the morning already out of our minds for some breakfast mimosas, this guy kept telling me all night how much he liked me which turned me off then told me he was waiting for me to break up with my boyfriend so he could get with me, disgusted, I took another boy to the bathroom made out took out his cock and gave him a half of handjob before i got thirsty again, got another mimosa then trekked home with my then semi roommate. Stumbling out trashed we were lucky enough to catch the passing by cable car with all the tourist staring at us at 8 am, we proceeded home only the entire 8 blocks only to stop for more champagne and a cartridge of nitros.

SOOOO much more to tell, champagne fountains, dolores days, geary club, the phonebooth, la rondalla, radio habana, booze cruises...I don't even know where to start but I guess those were some of the freshest memories still lingering.

basically....STEP IT UP PHILADELPHIA!!!! I miss you SF!


  1. wait... adam = stephen...
    you know how it goes in sf..