Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever

Looking at my work calendar today I noticed that spring is only a mere two days away. Spring is definitely in the air with all the other things it comes with, like fucking. Soon all the people and animals in this city will be busy getting their fuck on. I can smell people wetting their underwear already. This also makes me think of the endless possibilities of discreet craigslist style fucking in Rittenhouse Park this season. Dont sit on any sticky benches. A friend also gave me a lead this weekend that there is a man who hides in the bushes around the art museum area, jerks off, then runs after the joggers to bust his nut all over them. I think I'm gonna hang out there to try to seek him out. When I find him he wont have to chase me very far, I'll just get on my knees and tell him the bulls-eye is right across my left cheek.

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