Friday, March 27, 2009

Lunch Time

As I am on my lunch break chasing around my ceasar salad around with my fork, my mind begins to wander. I look at the tart white salad dressing and it makes me think about something else that is white: cum. It reminds me of my love of the man juice, what it feels like to have a mouth so full of it you cant keep it in and let it drool down your chin. Its been a while since a boy has busted his nut in my mouth. Are there different flavors to cum? Some of the cum I've tasted has been salty, some on the sweeter side. I've never gotten enough chance to really savor the flavor before I just take a big gulp and down it goes. Someone once told me that my cum was sweet, I think its because I'm a vegetarian. Does anyone have any tips on altering the taste of cum? Can I have a bunch of guys cum in my mouth at the same time so I can mix the different flavors like a surpee at 7-11? I want to have a variety, maybe 31 flavors. Just like Baskin Robbins.

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