Monday, March 2, 2009

A.C.A.B. righhhttt?

so A.C.A.B.(all cops are bastards), I know, I know. But I tried to cruise this one cop for a while on Saturday,, after a evening to remember in fishtown and a trip to a thrift store, it was time to head back to West Philadelphia, so as I was waiting for the train I couldn't help but notice this total northeast trashy cop hanging around the station waiting for the same train I was. Okay, I wanted to suck his dick, he was HOT, and I kept trying to make eye contact, he def. knew I was looking at him but I don't think he swung my way although I was having all kinds of fantasies of blow jobs with him. Along came the train and as we both got on the same car, a minute after the train started moving someone went up to him and seriously SNITCHED someone else was fucked. I am now having second thoughts...

I think I will stick to my normal taste of straight punk boys that I usually lust over, like one in my living room playing drums on rock band. The first thing I noticed about him after his hot face was his clean white socks that he had on and he wasnt wearing shoes. Now I don't have a thing for feet but clean white socks get me. New dream boy for me, wearing nothing but clean white socks and tattoos. I am SO into it.


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