Sunday, March 1, 2009

roadside service

i've never really been the biggest fan of road head. Its awkward and you're risking more than just a shot to the eye. But being a chicken head who likes to get a little teethy. i got the hugest urge to blow my cab driver tonight. Maybe it was the way the car kept sliding off the road (ice-y roads really turn me on), or possibly the way he kept mumbling numbers to himself under his breath. Who the fuck knows... All i wanted was for him to force me into the front seat by my neck, so that i could pay the fare with my tonsils. In the end, all i got was a huge boner and a shitty conversation. He didn't even flinch when i was eye fucking him through the mirror. 6 bucks later, i got out into the snow with a pair of wet socks and a wet dick.



  1. i blow cabbies al the time on the way home when im drunk hahaha