Wednesday, March 4, 2009


SOOOOO we just had a meeting with the people at the Bike Stop and we found out we are pretty sure our first party Finger Banger and our CUM RAG RELEASE party will be held there at the Bike Stop (on Quince Alley, Between Walnut and Chesnut/Between 11th St and 12th St) on APRIL 18TH!!!!. Where we also will be releasing our first issue of CUM RAG!!! We will be playing mostly punk oriented stuff like 77, 80's, Riot really whatever we feel
So if you are in the area come pick up an issue and dance and get a mustache ride from this guy


  1. The Cum Rag Manifesto rocks! I said so because i love the world of punk and anarchy! I enjoy going to concerts like this one, they make me feel young again!

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