Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hai majik dongson

There is 6 inches of snow out and it's probably 9 degrees, and everywhere I turn are boys in basketball shorts! It was definitely not a dream because if it was, they'd be naked, face down ass up. I went up to one of these boys one night on my way to the train and asked "Hey cute boy in basket ball shorts. How do you keep those little guys from freezing?" He took me to the last cart on the EL and demonstrated how he kept those peach sized balls and his donkey sized dong from getting frost bite. After he busted a nut on his washboard abs (wich only took less than a stop) I got up pretending I was thoroughly disgusted and walked away.

SO lesson learned, all those boys who walk around in basketball shorts in snowy fucking weather aren't just crazy style retarded. They're also all down to fuck, and more than willing to suck. Apparently, basketball practice teaches you more than how to catch a ball and shoot a hoop. You also learn how to play with the big boys and catch a mean shot... to the face.


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