Thursday, March 5, 2009

This cum dumpster

This cum dumpster cannot equal what I have to offer and that is a constant cum dumpster who will get bored with you as soon as you give them the first sign of hope. AKA

Leave the night so swiftly and I still am here to review the travesty which was Bob and Barbabra's, a drag show that barely contained what I consider drag and bordered on what we might call cabaret but unfourtunetly we don't review that subject. Although the drink special allowed us loose tongues, I did not pay much attention to my drinks, to the other faggots there to get a good sense of who was doing what, like I could care more when "poker face" was playing and all i could do was text my EX that "his" song was playing, in the hope he would be disgusted, that only proved to my disadvantage because he claims he never heard the song which i considered a typical Aries move to prove that he did know but so typical to him to say he never heard it, therefore he said it was my song.

So anyways off that tangent, our new editor of our fiction/poetry/creative writing, he is a tall drink of whiskey, i bought him a few drinks and realized he is a good man and needs a good man, so i salute him in his hope of finding one in this city and to editing our fucked up zine!

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  1. That's right

    - the new editor who is sick, in bed, and cannot sleep as everyone else is drunk in a warehouse on the other side of town