Wednesday, March 4, 2009

um excuse you

This is for the Philly fags. What the fuck was up with the Barbary this past Saturday and all it's fag bashers? Seriously, your home boy almost got in three fights that night. I just dont get it. First of all- its the Barbary. Second of all- it was some 90's rave themed party. I thought every bitch up in there was gay, or at least not douchebags. I just dont like going out to places and getting harassed by drunk 21 year old bros from Jersey/the suburbs who come in on their one night in the city a week to prove how tough they are. Some dumbass even tried to follow us out and into my car, I mean I'm not scared to fight straight boys or anything dont get me wrong, I'm ready to rumble. But theres so many other places for them to choose, like Old City. I think thats what that place is for. 



  1. it's the barbary--the vast majority of the people who go there are either bro-dude douchebags or rich-as-fuck, dumbass, stuck up hipsters from the suburbs. what did you expect?

  2. um... huh!? I don't understand what's happening in that photo, but it looks pretty, well, gay.