Sunday, March 1, 2009

i love the way you re invent yrself everyday

so I woke up drunk still, got stoned and realized on my couch laying there was my dream lover, hot straight man JON ABBOT, I think i might have waken him up by blasting gypsy by fleetwood mac or running down the hall yelling to my roommate "HOW DID I GET HOME LAST NIGHT?!" And as I got my answer to previous question on how I got home, I also got told the story on what I did upon arriving back at home base. Apparently I went up to the hot straight man and yelled at him "YOU ARE A TEASE! I SPEAK FOR THE WHOLE GAY COMMUNITY" then after verbally assulting the man I threw my phone and a notebook at him also hitting my roommate, then grabbing my roommate hugging her telling her I was sorry and it was aimed at Jon, I told her I loved her, then turned to Jon Abbot and telling him I hated him, which is simply hate manifested by drunken sexual frustation. ANYWAYS, I want to celebrate this man and I told him so...since I lost my hope for any fags in this city I still have one of my dream men on my he is sitting in my living room playing guitar hero and playing with my emotions and if only he knew the things i would let him do to me....I told him he was gonna be on here is this creepy? Jon Abbot here's to you!

Secret Furry?

That's him with my friend who is a witch, I asked her to put a gay spell on him, she said that would come back to me X3

Here he is in my home state of California, and too think I gave up my bed and slept on the couch for him!

Anyways on top of being the hottest man in the tri-state area, he is also a really nice guy who actually lets me get away with saying all kinds of this shit in front of his face and drunkly let out my drunk sexual agression by pelting him with items from my purse. But he would do anything for anyone and has a good heart...god i hate him

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