Friday, March 6, 2009

Text flirting with str8 men

me: EW! come to Bob and Barbara's, they are playing our song!
kevin(str8 man): what's our song?
me: poker face. duh! come here yr homegirl is here.
kevin(str8 man): I fucking wish i miss u but no i cant its my friends bday
me: Ew. come sit on my face and get over it
kevin(str8 man): I fucking love u so much
me: whatever, i love you too, lets hang out this weekend
kevin(str8 man): I promise! This weekend. When im not working.

pretty much he is a hot man that can take it. i even tell him i want to objectify him and he loves it.

this city is only filled with good straight men and one day i'll meet the one of my dreams and he will only be gay for me.

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