Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cruising on the Work Week

Early in the morning I have to haul my ass to trainings in a windowless room from 9-5. Although the topic of the training is useful to me, I can't help but be distracted. By what?

An adorable boy, nut just any typical cute boy but during the introduction/ice breaker I find out that is a LIBRARIAN!

(So I basically have a new fantasy of the week now)

This brunette mid-twenty something year old, adorably dorky boy in a collared shirt with thin white and red stripes which from a distance makes it appear pink , tucked into his blue Dickie's with a modest black belt that is holding them up further than they should but that is okay with me in hopes of seeing a bulge.

I get gay vibes but they could also just be that I know the fantasy of sucking his dick in between bookshelves might be the only thing that is going to get me through the duller parts of the training.

Some moments of the day I feel his eyes on me, you know? and then I look back at him and he looks away, but then again I sometimes run wild with my imagination, like the idea that he is a total Aries AND a power top who is all quiet and cute in person but in bed is totally aggressive and will throw me down and take control.

Maybe he will ask me to lunch, maybe I'll ask him to lunch. Alas I am on my lunch writing this blog.

**This is not him but I googled male librarian and he came up and I totally wanna do him too

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